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The Beginning of a Family Tradition

Mary "Naomi" Goudelock 1886 - 1958

Mary “Naomi” Goudelock
1886 – 1958

I never got to meet her. She passed before I was born and yet she has had such an impact on my life.

My first reaction when I first saw this picture was to wonder what my mother was doing dressed up in old timey era clothes. I really thought this was one of those pictures they take in places like Gatlinburg, TN. I was wrong. It is actually a picture of her maternal grandmother.

I’ve heard many stories about this woman. She lost her husband in an accident at Beaumont Mill. When management told her she would have to move to a smaller house, she bought one instead. She had to have room for her cow and chickens. Family legend says that management not only fired her but her sons that were working at the mill as well. She took in boarders to help with finances.

This is a story my grandmother, Laura Rodgers once told me.

Sometimes a man would walk up from the railroad to our back door looking for food. Mama always gave them something, and she would try to give them a good meal when she could. I asked Mama how come people always knew she would feed them. She said they had a way of marking houses that were friendly to folks. I searched looking for that mark and never did find it.

My grandmother said she started the Sunday dinner tradition because that was what her mother did. She liked having her children and grandchildren come for dinner. There was never enough room at the table and you’d find people eating their dinner anywhere they could find a spot. On warm sunny days the front porch was a favorite.

Today I will continue the family tradition. I’ll have the roast in the crockpot first thing in the morning. When I get back (we go to the early service) I’ll make the macaroni and cheese and finish everything else up. Since we didn’t get to celebrate a couple of weeks ago for my brother, Dennis’ birthday we’ll do that today. Banana pudding is his desert of choice.

I hope you enjoyed hearing a little about Mary “Naomi” Goudelock, the one my family should thank for first beginning this tradition.

Check back next Sunday. I’ll have another story and I promise to bring you the recipe of a family favorite.

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