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Review of The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry

9781616203214_p0_v2_s260x420Sometimes you find a book that remains with you long after you’ve read the last page. The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry┬áby Gabrielle Zevin is one of those books. You’ll want to tell your friends about it. I think you’ll find it is one of those books that beckons to be read more than once.

I have to admit when I first saw the cover and title, I wasn’t intrigued. And yet, once I read that first page, I tumbled into the world of A.J. Fikry and the characters that frequent the bookstore of Alice Island.

A.J. is a grieving widower. Sales in his bookstore are suffering from the lack of his late wife’s enigmatic personality and the rising popularity of e-readers. A.J. has one treasure possession, one that will save him, offer him an alternative life, free him of the bookstore. He owns a rare and precious original copy of Edgar Allen Poe’s poetry. One night he feels sorry for himself, drinks too much, and takes his treasured copy from its safe. The next morning, it is gone.

Changes are coming for A.J. He finds a toddler left alone in his store. She is brilliant. He can’t bear to turn her over to social services. Can a self-absorbed widower adopt? He begins to connect with the people in the town. He reads a memoir suggested by a literary rep, and is surprised to find himself absorbed in the story. They begin to talk. It doesn’t hurt that she’s easy on the eyes. A.J. He invites the author to speak at his bookstore. He hasn’t had an author visit since his wife died.

Each chapter opens with A.J.’s thoughts on a book. How better to understand someone than by knowing what they read.

The cover and title may not grab you, but the story will. I encourage you to pick up a copy today. Join us over at where we will be blogging about the book. There will also be giveaways.