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Sunday Dinner: Peep Cake

Peep_Sunflower_CakeMy mother loved all holidays, dessert, and sunflowers and when I saw this cake, I knew I had to make it. Mom adored those yellow marshmallow Peeps. I know you know the kind I’m talking about. The woman had four children and I don’t think a one of us cared for them, but every year without fail, we would find them in our Easter baskets.

I came across this last year. Don’t you just love Pinterest? I know my daughters and I do. This is so easy and great dessert you can serve as long as you can find the Peeps. So before they all go missing from the shelves to sit in Easter baskets, go out and get you a few.

You’ll need: A box cake (any flavor, but my family loves chocolate, chocolate frosting, chocolate chips, and around 18 to 20 Peeps – they come in packages of 5).

Bake the cake as directed.

Frost it (you can used a serrated knife to give you a straight workspace, but I usually flip it over an frost the bottoms).

Add Peeps (their heads should be facing inwards and you can leave them together).

Place chocolate chips in the center. I’ve seen people take their time and meticulously place each one and others just toss them in. Your choice.

With the sunflower Peep cake, I’ll be serving Barbecue chicken, macaroni and cheese, green beans, creamed corn, mashed potatoes, and I might just make my brother some fried okra (frozen since it’s not in season yet).