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Sunday Dinner: Cubed Steak and Back to School



First day of school 2002


Tomorrow the children in our area are going back to school. Yesterday Walmart and Target were filled with parents and kids searching the aisles for school supplies.



It made me think of back to school shopping with my son. He was only six and it was the beginning of first grade. We had the list of required school supplies. He wanted everything to be purple, his new favorite color since it was Donatello’s signifying color, his favorite Ninja Turtle.

Still excited over Ninja turtle action figures

Still excited over Ninja turtle action figures

While we were in the store a summer downpour came. My umbrella was in the car and I had just spent all of my money on school supplies. We waited. It kept raining. It did not seem like it would quit anytime soon.

Ryan looks up at me with his big blue eyes. “Mama, it’s only water.”

We run out into the rain. The sun is shining in spite of the downpour. We laughed and he splashed in every puddle there was on our way to the car. It was an awesome day.


Cube Steak

Today we’re having one of Ryan’s favorites, cubed steak. Some may know it as chicken fried steak.

You’ll need cubed steak. For the breading you need flour, poultry seasoning, salt, and pepper. There is no exact amount. I just sprinkle the spices into the flour. Dredge the cube steak in the mixture, coating both sides. Cook in a skillet with the bottom covered in oil. I like to cover the skillet, it makes the steak more tender. I usually turn it a couple of times, checking to be sure that it is cooked evenly.