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Sunday Dinner: A Halloween Treat

IMG_1099My mother loved to celebrate Halloween. When I was a kid, every October she would pull the witch made from cardboard out of her hiding place in the closet. This witch had a scary face, must like the wicked witch in Oz. Her limbs moved with the opening and closing of the door.

Mom noticed that one of the little boys, Scott had not been asking us to come out to play as he usually did daily. She asked his mother if everything was all right. His mother laughed; Scott was afraid of the witch on the door. When the witch disappeared, Scott reappeared asking us to play.

Mom loved making themed recipes. She had seen the recipe in a magazine and as my mother often did, she changed it up making it her own. Boo Pudding is a family favorite. What’s not to love about chocolate, cookies, and whipped cream?

1 Large Package of Jello Instant Pudding (Make as directed on box except do not place in refrigerator to set).
1 Regular tub of Cool Whip
Oreo Cookies
Chocolate Graham Crackers
Candy Corn
Candy Pumpkins

I found candy Peep Pumpkins, which would have tickled my Mom. She really loved the Peep Chicks that come out at Easter.

To make:

Crush Oreos and divide. Line the bottom of the dish with half the Oreos.

Make Jello Instant Pudding as directed on box except do not place in refrigerator to set. Add Cool Whip and mix together and place over crushed Oreos.

Top with the remaining Oreos.

Line the dish with candy corn. Place graham crackers to look like tombstones. Add pumpkins.

You can use the spray whipped cream to make ghosts by your tombstones.