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Sunday Dinner: Peach Cobbler


When my husband and I first met, cooking was a major topic of conversation. I was surprised when he claimed to make an awesome peach cobbler. I thought cobbler was reserved for the South. How could a California man possibly know how to make cobbler? His mother taught him. She’s not Southern either. She’s originally from Kansas.

Today, my husband has offered to make dessert. Peaches are one of South Carolina’s primary exports. If you’ve ever been to South Carolina, perhaps you’ve passed by the giant peach water tower.


Vincent Family Peach Cobbler 

4 C. pealed and sliced peaches.

Mix with 1/4 C. sugar and sprinkle cinnamon over the top.

Place in a 9″ pie pan and dot with pieces of butter.


1C Bisquick

1/4 C. sugar

1 egg

Mix together and put on top of peaches. Sprinkle 2 or 3 tablespoons of water over the topping mixture and bake 25 – 30 minutes at 400 degrees. Top should be nice and brown.

Chuck also left a couple of the peach pits because his Grandma always said that it adds flavor.

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