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Sunday Dinner: Elizabeth’s Birthday

10371506_10202750036051078_951464394170597344_nWe celebrate another birthday today, Elizabeth is fourteen. When Elizabeth was a baby, my brother called her “Miss Serious.” She would stare at you through those brown eyes. She always seemed to be pondering something important and couldn’t be bothered with baby talk.

I’m not sure who began the birthday picture traditions, but my aunt would force the birthday person in front of the cake and gather all the children around. We’d sing, she would take pictures, and the birthday person would blow out the candles. This picture was of my Mom’s birthday. Elizabeth is the baby sitting on her lap.

Today we’ll be having a Mexican fiesta: tacos, taco salads, quesadillas, corn, and refried beans. We’ll have brownie sundaes to celebrate Elizabeth’s 14th birthday.

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