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Snappin Beans and Washin Dishes

Holly and Connie

Holly and Connie

It was Saturday evening and my cousin, Holly and I were visiting our Grandmother. I think I must have been around five-years-old. It was rare to have time away from my parents and siblings.

We sat on Grandmother’s porch snapping beans. You would hold a green bean, snap both ends off discarding them and if the green bean happened to be exceptionally long, you would break it into smaller pieces.

Grandmother told us stories about her childhood. She had a little sister, Sarah Jessie, who died from an illness at two-years-old. I remember how Grandmother’s eyes glistened as she told stories about Sarah Jessie.

We helped Grandmother frost the cake for the following day’s Sunday dinner. I think we ate more chocolate frosting than we put on the cake.

Grandmother taught us to wash dishes. (For her, wash was pronounced warsh.) We were delighted to put our hands in the soapy water and then rinse the clean dishes. We loved washing dishes and she laughed telling us that it wouldn’t always be so.

For Sunday dinner, we’ll be having hamburgers with mushroom gravy, macaroni and cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes, creamed corn, rolls, and strawberry cake.

2 Thoughts on “Snappin Beans and Washin Dishes

  1. Takes me back:) FYI, Harlan still loves to warsh dishes. I’m a blessed woman!

  2. So sweet. Thanks for sharing, Connie.

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