Connie A Thompson


Glass Kitchen


Portia Cathcart was born with a gift, a knowing. She dreams of food and when she wakes she feels compelled to make it. It is a gift she shares with her grandmother and soon Portia finds herself working in the family restaurant, The Glass Kitchen. She always seems to know just what to put on the menu, the dishes offering comfort to those in need.

Portia has abandoned her gift opting for a life as a politician’s wife. She refused the gift until it seems she’s lost it. After her husband’s betrayal, she heads to New York to live in the apartment her beloved aunt willed left her. Images and dreams of food begin calling to her. Her sisters live in New York. She meets Gabriel and his two daughters. After years of fighting her gift, she succumbs to the knowing and begins cooking. She wants to open a restaurant, but she has no money, and the knowing keeps giving her images of a special meal, Gabriel’s meal.

Lee’s book is a delightful summer read that will keep you turning the pages to see what happens next. There is mystery, betrayal, sisterly love, and romance. Follow Portia as she begins to understand her gift and searches for her identity, learns to accept the loss of a life she thought she wanted, helps Gabriel and his daughters connect as a family, and struggles to bring Texas cuisine to New York City.

The cover calls for you to pick this book up. I loved the glass jars so much I searched Pinterest to learn how to make my own. While I love the purple, it wasn’t the right hue for my decor and I opted for shades of green.

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