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Review: Someone Else’s Love Story


Shanti is a twenty-one-year old single mother, who was a virgin when her son was born. William looks like Thor and is a geneticist with Asperger’s.

Shanti and her three-year-old son dash into the Circle K for a drink. She notices William standing by the laundry detergent and she understands “he was single. Newly. It all added up: the shaggy hair, the interest in detergent boxes. He was trying to learn how to not be married anymore. Divorced guy meets laundry.”

And this could have just been another moment in a life a moment easily forgotten until a man enters the convenience store brandishing a gun, impacting each of their lives in a way never expected.

Joshilyn Jackson is a master at taking these moments, which seem inconsequential, and revealing their impact, changing lives forever.

Someone Else’s Love Story is more than the love story of Shanti and William. Jackson reveals the present story as well as the separate past histories of Shanti and William. Jackson’s tale is more than boy meets girl. It is about all the different threads that transpire and affect their lives together and separately.

Shanti and William each carry a secret about the past. Can William help Shanti find Natty’s father? Can Shanti help William heal after the loss of his marriage and daughter?

I have read all of Jackson’s novels, and I found her latest, Someone Else’s Love Story to be just as entertaining and thought provoking as its predecessors. The prose is witty. The story envelopes you, and just when you think you know where it is going, Jackson takes a sharp turn down a road you never imagined.

I believe William is one of my all time favorite literary heroes, and I was thrilled when talking with Jackson through a Facebook chat to find that he made his appearance to her about ten years ago. She did not have a story for him at the time, but he’s been sitting in a corner of her mind waiting to take his place on the page.

If you’re looking for a great read, pick up Joshilyn Jackson’s newest, Someone Else’s Love Story.

Once you’ve finished the novel, if you find yourself wanting a little more of Shanti’s story, you can get the short story eBook, “My Own Miraculous.”


Someone Else’s Love Story is the November She Reads Pick. Pop over to their website, where you will find discussions with the author and book giveaways.

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