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Review: Sarah Pekkanen’s Things You Won’t Say

_2929166What happens to the people behind the headlines? It seems as though the whole world knows the story, but they only know a snippet, what supposedly happened in a short span of time. What happens to the wife, the children, the family, the friends?
Mike Anderson is a policeman on administrative leave after killing a young Latino man. Mike claims he saw a gun, but no one can find a weapon. Worse, his new partner claims he didn’t see a gun either.
The story takes place after the shooting. Mike lives with the daily regret that his longtime partner and best friend is recovering from a gunshot wound. It should have been him.
Mike’s wife, Jamie justifies her husband’s actions. It was raining. She desperately tries to keep the family together despite the news vans and strangers berating her for buying her daughter a bathing suit while a young man is dead. Life as usual can’t go on, but for the children’s sakes, Jamie tries.
Christie, Mike’s ex and the mother of his eldest child seems to be the only one who believes him.
As Mike faces further difficulties, and possible jail time, Jamie tries to hold on, seeking help from everyone except her husband. Christie asks for help from her new boss, a private investigator.

Things You Won’t Say reminds us that there is so much more to the story than the headlines and the few paragraphs that follow. Every incident ripples, affecting the lives of many.
I’m giving Things You Won’t Say four and a half stars. We are often horrified by headlines, but we tend to follow the collective. It is easy to identify with what should have been done, but unless you are there, you’ll never truly understand. Pekkanen’s novel gives a voice to the family behind the headlines.


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  1. I was wondering about this novel. Thanks for the review.

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