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Review: Me Before You

I read The Girl You Left Behind a few months ago, and I loved the writing and the story. Encouraged by my introduction to Moyes, I finally succumbed and got the audio version of Me Before You. I was not disappointed. I think it helps to listen to a story when the setting is in a country in which you’re not all that familiar with. I know the setting is only short drive from England, but I’m a Southern girl from a small town in the US. Louisa’s world is a bit of a culture shock for me, but yet the human experience is universal. Louisa’s life is full of family drama, fear of the unknown, missed opportunities, and the fact that so many people in general abhor change.

Louisa is forced to look for another job when the small cafe where she works closes. She tries a variety of unsuccessful jobs and is sent on a interview to be a caregiver. Her main demand is that she doesn’t want to have to wipe anyone’s bum, she’ll go back to the horrid chicken processing plant before that. Will is a quadriplegic and his mother is searching for someone to care for him during the day. Louisa has no medical background, but she is chatty and she just might be what Will needs.

Since I listened to this book, I found myself searching for opportunities to tune in: treadmill, cleaning, driving, etc.

I’m looking forward to reading Moyes’ other novels.

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