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Review: Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

LOST-LAKEKate Pheris finally woke up. A year after the loss of her husband, she awakens from merely going through the daily motions of life.

In that year, her highly successful realtor mother-in-law, Cricket has been taking care of things: selling the family home, caring for Kate’s precocious daughter, Devin, and preparing to move Kate and Devin into her home. She has a film crew waiting to record their entrance to their new home. A recreation of a successful past media campaign, which transformed her real estate company by featuring a series of commercials chronicling their “moving on” after the death of her husband. Kate’s late husband, Matt hated those commercials.

Kate and Devin take off to Lost Lake, Georgia, an enchanted vacation spot, where 12-year-old Kate spent the best summer of her life. She reconnects with her Aunt Eby, a caring vibrant woman shunned by Kate’s mother due to a family squabble.

Lost Lake has many wonderful characters. Lisette is an aging French woman still haunted by her past. Selma is an aging red-haired siren looking for a man, who will be her last husband. Bulahdeen has wit and practicality. And then there is the local handyman and pizzeria owner, Wes, who shared that magical summer with Kate.

Lost Lake is no longer the profitable vacation spot it once was. Eby plans to sell the resort. She longs to return to Paris, where she spent her honeymoon with her late husband.

There is also an alligator seen only by Devin.

All the characters of Lost Lake are in a state of flux. Can Lost Lake’s enchantment change their lives?

Sarah Addison Allen delightfully presents a wonderful story with notes of magical realism in a beautiful setting  with characters struggling through the difficulties of life. They learn the best way through difficult times is with the help of friends.

As a graphic artist, I always pay attention to book cover designs. I feel this is a cover, which will appeal to women and encourage them to take a look. The multi-colored lanterns and landscaped path make me want to take the road to Lost Lake.

This is Allen’s first novel after battling breast cancer and being declared in remission. Lost Lake is full of loss, hope, and finding a new direction in life.

If you follow Sarah Addison Allen on Facebook, she has a fun link, where you can find out which Lost Lake character you are.

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