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Do you cook out? Grill? Barbecue?

Here in the South, or maybe it is just my family, but we call it cooking out. It usually involves a nice day, and today we have blissful sunny temperatures in the low 70s. It also involves a grill, ours is charcoal, and freshly patted out hamburger patties and hot dogs. Sometimes we do chicken or steak, but when feeding the clan, it’s usually burgers and hot dogs. For my nephew, my husband is sweet and grills is hotdogs on a layer of tin foil to keep them from getting grill lines and burning. I know. Picky kids, but the family is full of them (some adults too). I can’t complain too much because I was one of them. I empathize and it’s my house, so I’ll accommodate their likes and dislikes when I can.

photo-12My sweet hubby prepared the grill and cooked the hamburgers and hot dogs to perfection.

We had corn on the cob, baked beans, and potato chips. For dessert, I served chocolate chip cookies and Dad’s favorite white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

We never cooked out at my grandmother’s for Sunday dinner. And I never remember my grandfather even working the grill. This included when he had his own restaurant, now called Ike’s Korner Grill. My cousin, Neil and his wife, Angela run it now. They’re still serving hand patted burgers and chili made from Grandmother’s secret recipe. It was so secret that when my uncle asked Grandmother to write it down for him, she couldn’t. She just knew how to make it. My uncles spent a couple of days in the kitchen with her, measuring out spices and watching the master cook until they had the recipe just right.

We had a great time today. I’m looking forward to this summer, when cooking out will include fresh locally grown tomatoes, corn, and watermelon.

Thanks for stopping by. Check back tomorrow for my review on the latest Sarah Addison Allen novel, Lost Lake.

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