Connie A Thompson

Delighting in Obedience

I wish I always had nice things to say about her, but she is so judgmental.

When I’ve succumbed to temptation, she knows. When I’ve spent days snacking on only carrot sticks, she doesn’t always seem to care. Her numbers don’t always reflect how well I’ve remained on plan, and sadly when I’ve temporarily lost my way, she always seems to know. She isn’t much of a friend at all. And she shouldn’t be. She isn’t a friend. She is a tool.

The scale can only measure how much you weigh. I’ve given her too much power. In the past, an increase has sent me to a binge. Staying the same has discouraged me. A loss has given me a false sense of security that results in an increase the next time.


I still utilize the scale as the tool it is meant to be, but I no longer let it control my life. Before I step on, I ask myself:

Did I follow my plan? Did I exercise? Was I obedient?

If the answer is yes, I delight if the number has fallen. If the answer is yes, I don’t fret if the number remains the same or rises. I know I’ve done what I’m supposed to and the scale does not always immediately reflect that.

If I wasn’t obedient, then I understand the number. I forgive myself rather than carrying around the guilt. Today is a new day. Yesterday is gone. Rather than obsessing on what I should have done, I focus on today. Nutritious food, exercise, prayer, and meditation. Those are my tools, my helpers, my plan for success.


2 Thoughts on “Delighting in Obedience

  1. I love how you say the scale is only a tool and we should just look at it that way. Rather than dwell on what is or should be we need to focus on today and each step that we make towards better eating and exercise is a step in the right direction . As we crave more of God , He will guide our choices when we are obedient to His leading , one step at a time. Thanks for sharing your post.
    Marilyn (OBS Group Leader )

  2. Jackie Garger on February 6, 2014 at 11:30 am said:

    Connie, I love your thought process. “Today is a new day. Yesterday is gone. Focus on today!” If only I can get my head around the curve! Hugs!

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