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Continuing The Tradition of Sunday Dinners

Growing up Sundays usually meant church followed by Sunday dinner at my Grandmother’s house. We would all gather to eat and enjoy each other’s company. There were always family stories, old and new. It didn’t take much to become a family legend.

My Aunt Doris is still asked if her camera has film (even though she has a digital camera now). She arranged twenty of so of us including small children packed on Grandmother’s porch posing for a picture. She took several, each time setting the timer and nearly killing herself to get to her place in the picture. She snapped pictures all afternoon and then began to wonder why she did not have to put more film in – there wasn’t any film in there to start with. This was over thirty years ago, and it still follows her around.

Sunday dinners were always such a huge part of my childhood and I knew one day I would want to keep the tradition going for my own grandchildren. We lost Grandmother back in 2007, but the memories and the things she taught me still remain.


You love your children dearly, but when you get a grandchild, it is a different kind of love. I think perhaps you feel more freedom because you’re the grandparent, you don’t have all the day to day care and responsibility, but you do have all the pleasure. And all I can say about my grandson is that he is just so stinkin cute, even if he did learn to say SpongeBob before GrandMom.

I hope you’ll join me on Sundays. I’ll be sharing recipes and family stories.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your stories, they always make me smile!

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