Connie A Thompson

Celebrating Our First Anniversary


No Sunday dinner today. We’re off celebrating our anniversary.

I thought I would be alone. I had given up hope of finding someone to share my life with. I had accepted it to be my reality, and then I met Chuck.

My first thought was that he had kind green eyes. my second thought was Oh Lord, a cowboy hat?

We met on a dating website. We talked for two weeks before we met in person. He had to pass my tests: double dates with my friends, Sunday dinner with my family, and answering my long list of incessant questions. He claims it was the longest job interview of his life.

He supports me. He encourages me, and I try to do the same for him. He’s wonderful with our grandchildren.

Yesterday, we went to Andalusia, the home of Flannery O’Connor. My senior thesis is about the use of place in the works of Southern women authors. We toured her home, sat on the porch, looked at the peacocks, viewed the milking barn, and spent a small fortune in the gift shop. In my mind, her stories came to life in rolling visions as I considered “The Enduring Chill,” “A View of the Woods,” and “Greenleaf,” just to name a few.

On our drive down, I read “A Good Man is Hard to Find” to Chuck. He was surprised by her sense of humor and the dark ending.

I’m thankful to be married to such a wonderful man. To the first of many more anniversaries.


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