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Candy Heart Valentine Wreath

VW_Wreath copyI love making things with my hands. I’ve always thought of myself as a creative person. I also love wreaths. I live in a town home community where things look the same. I love the uniformity, but I also like to add a little creative flair.

As a child, I loved the candy hearts that came out at Valentine’s Day. My best friend and I would go through a box giggling when we got one that said I love you, Be Mine, or any endearment meant to be between a boy and girl. We still dreamed of that first boyfriend, first kiss, and relationships were defined by fairy tales.

I wanted to bring a little of that magic back this Valentine’s Day.

VW_suppliesI purchased a flat wreath form, white paint, ribbon, glue, clear finish, and candy hearts.

Paint the wreath form. You don’t have to do this, but you can see the form between the spaces of the hearts.

Add a bead of glue and apply hearts. I suggest before you actually begin with the glue that you arrange some first to get the best layout.

W_wreathNote the cutout on the wreath form. This is a perfect place for your ribbon to go through, leave space there.

Now you have to let this dry. Don’t be impatient. You should probably leave it overnight.┬áSpray with the clear finish and again give it time to dry. (Why do I keep mentioning this, because I’m impatient.) ┬áThis will help preserve it and keep the ants away.

Add ribbon and hang.

I thought about putting the hearts down on the side without printing, but the message has always been part of the fun. Candy hearts have new messages: IM ME, BLING, TEXT ME, ILU, and BFF.