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Avid reader, book blogger. I remember as a child being amazed at how my grandmother’s face would change as she read. She smiled, frowned, laughed, and even cried sometimes. I was in awe of how the pages of a book could transform her. I wanted to learn to read. I immersed myself in stories, first with Nancy Drew and Laura Ingalls Wilder and later in the worlds of Tolkien and Ursula K. Le Guin. Now my tastes are diversified. I love women’s fiction, science fiction, mystery, historical, classics, and even a little suspense. I currently blog for, an organization dedicated to bringing good books to women. So many women are so busy and it is disappointing to finally find a little time to read and then several chapters in, you’re just not into it. Do you finish? Do you abandon it? The ladies at She Reads want to expose you to the best authors and their stories. I also review books I find interesting and entertaining.

Me at Sunday dinner at my grandmother's

Sunday dinner at my grandmother’s

Sunday dinner. You might be wondering what Sunday dinner is about. We always went to my grandmother’s for dinner after church on Sundays. It was the one time a week when all the family (grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and cousins) would gather together. My mother helped do most of the cooking. I first learned to cook in my grandmother’s kitchen. We lost my mother in 2005 and grandmother in 2007. Sunday dinner just wasn’t a tradition I could give up. I do take an occasional Sunday off, but most weeks we gather at my house, and I prepare the family favorites. You’ll find recipes and nostalgic memories on these posts.

Education. As an adult, I went to college part-time while maintaining a full time job and raising three children as a single parent. We often spent our evening studying together. In May 2013, I received my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Professional and Creative Writing from Converse College.

Writing. What do I write? I write stories about women who are going through challenging times in their lives.

Chuck and Me

Our Wedding Day

Personal. I am married to a wonderful man, who supports and encourages me in every way. My children are grown and married. I have three grandchildren.


I lead a group of women who offer a weekly devotion for women at the local rescue mission. Our goal isteach, mentor, and support them with God’s word while sharing the things He has done in our lives. I’ve had so many people come along beside me and encourage me throughout my life and I’m happy to be able to pay-it-forward by helping others.

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