Connie A Thompson

About the Stars


5 Stars: I could not put this book down. I lost sleep. I read voraciously through my lunch hour. The story fascinated me. Scenes stayed with me after I read the last page. The novel inspired my own work in progress.

4.5 Stars: Same as 5, but I did manage to get a little sleep.

4 Stars: Wonderful story. Excellent writing.

3.5 Stars: Good story. Good writing. Entertaining.

3 Stars: Good story, good writing, entertaining, but there was something that didn’t quite do it for me.

The reality of my rating system is that as an author, I understand what it takes to write a novel. There is all that time alone, agonizing over every detail, considering criticism, and those moments of doubt where you’re just not sure. Many authors consider their novels like babies. There is a vast amount of time and work spent nurturing a novel to life. And then it goes off into the world alone.

It’s difficult to put a number rating on a creative work. I decided to follow a five-star rating system. If you’re wondering about the ones and twos, you won’t see any of those ratings here. I no longer feel the need to struggle through a novel I don’t find interesting.

I will say I have abandoned a book only to pick it up months or possibly years later and wonder why I had ever neglected it. Sometimes it isn’t the right time to read that story.

A book has often been the friend I needed during the storms of life, offering me a brief reprieve from my life. It began when I would watch my grandmother. I could see how a book could transport her to another time and place.

I loved when we got to the point in our relationship where we could discuss books. Grandmother loved Patricia Cornell’s Kay Scarpetta novels. She also loved Maeve Binchy. She didn’t like books with too much sex, too much cursing, too many rich and privileged characters, or too much violence. Yeah I know, she loved Kay Scarpetta.

For me, reading is all about the story. Tell me a good story and I’ll keep coming back for more.


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